"The high-definition format wars are over – and you won" Dell tells us as it launches a Blu-ray laptop for under a $1000.

Available today on dell.com, (and apparently coming to Europe but no sign as yet on the site) BD-lovers can get the Inspiron 1525 with optional Blu-ray disc playback starting at $879.

The Inspiron 1525 is Dell's affordable consumer offering with a 15.4-inch high definition wide aspect display with 720p resolution - that won't show you the best of the Blu-ray experience to be fair - but there is an HDMI port for connectivity to high resolution displays and HDTVs.

The Blu-ray player disc drive is fully backwards compatible, and will play as well as burn traditional DVDs and CDs while a Blu-ray burner drive is also available, at extra cost.

UPDATE: The "from" price in the UK for the 1525 with Blu-ray
disc playback is £729. Not quite the £445 equivalent the American market can enjoy, is it folks?