Alienware has quadrupled graphics power by launching ATI CrossFireX on their elite ALX CrossFireX desktop computer.

The Alienware ALX CrossFireX is the first-ever quad GPU gaming solution to support DirectX 10.1 and features CrossFireX technology, now providing users with the world's most powerful graphics.

The Alienware ALX CrossFireX uses two ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 graphics cards, each housing two GPUs and a full 1GB of dedicated graphics memory – so 2GB of dedicated GDDR3 graphics memory.

This multi-GPU structure allows CrossFireX to deliver up to 4x the graphics processing power.

"Alienware is extreme high-performance PC gaming", said Brian Joyce, senior vice president at Alienware.

"Expectations are never higher than when dealing with the ALX CrossFireX, our most sophisticated desktop system. Adding the awesome power of a quad graphics solution like CrossFireX to the ALX desktop is just one more way Alienware strives to deliver the world's best PC gaming experience."

With ATI's Catalyst software and Microsoft Windows Vista, users can un-lock their GPU controls to manually set the engine and memory clocks for overclocking and dramatic performance boosts.

Temperature displays and VPU recover safety features claim to make it easier to properly maintain your system. An auto-configure utility option overclocks to a preset, stable speed.

The ALX CrossFireX is available now from £3557.