Following on from its decision to start selling its PCs in a range of highstreet chains across Europe and the US, Dell has now opted to close all of its US kiosks.

Reuters is reporting that the 140 kiosks, which are mainly in shopping malls around the country, will close today.

Customers could test Dell PCs at the kiosks and order the products, but they could not take delivery of them there.

Dell spokesman Bob Kaufman told Reuters that Dell will keep about 50 kiosks outside the US.

"We recognised early on that customers really wanted to touch and see the products before they purchased them", Kaufman said.

"That led us to the kiosk model. Now, customers can touch and feel our products before buying them at one of our retail partners."

The kiosk concept has become largely obsolete as Dell's products are now available in around 10,000 store outlets and online.

As we have been reporting, Dell has signed agreements with WalMart Stores in the US, France's Carrefour SA and China's GOME Electrical Appliances Holding Ltd, as well as Tesco and the DSGi group in the UK.