Dell has announced it will be showing a movie focused laptop with a 16-inch Display on the opening day of CES in Las Vegas.

The screen, which promises true 16:9 aspect radio will sport a full HD 1080p resolution.

Claiming to be the most accurate representation of video content for select Blu-ray movies and digital TV is seen with a 16:9 display Dell say that when the source video is 16:9, the movie images will fill the entire 16-inch display with no letterboxing unlike typical 14.1-, 15.4- and 17-inch notebook displays feature a 16:10 ratio versus the 16:9 aspect ratio used in most HDTVs.

The company is also planning on showing off the XPS 630i a new entry-level gaming desktop apart of the company's XPS range.

According to Dell the XPS 630i will be more compact than the powerhouse XPS 720 family, but wont' "compromise on performance".

We will bring all the latest from the show floor on Monday.