Though it is the news of the Crystal monitor that is bound to get punters flocking to Dell's stand at CES, also worth a peek is an update of Dell's 15.4-inch Inspiron Notebook.

The 1525 is a slimmer version of Dell's 6-month-old Inspiron 1520 product.

In fact, it is 25% smaller and about half a pound lighter than its predecessor.

The revamped notebook is available in four customised patters in addition to eight colours.

According to web reports, it features Dell's MediaDirect technology, which gives users one-touch access to digital media and select Microsoft Office software and wireless functionality, including Bluetooth.

Dell adds that users can opt to add built-in 2-megapixel webcams, microphones and headphones and a remote control.

Pricing for the Inspiron 1525 starts at $499.