Dell has introduced two new models of its Dell Precision workstations, which are apparently the world's top-selling line of professional workstations and have been for the past eight years.

Available now, the Dell Precision T5400 and the Dell Precision T7400 are the first to market with the latest Quad-Core and Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors 5400 and 5200 series, using Intel's latest 45-nm manufacturing process.

"Complementing" the new workstation offerings, Dell is also launching the UltraSharp 3008WFP 30-inch widescreen flat panel LCD monitor, which is Dell's first monitor to integrate the next-generation DisplayPort technology, in December.

The new DisplayPort interface via a USB-sized connector claims to double the performance of DVI and increased uninterrupted connectivity.

The 3008WFP is designed for users who demand superior power and high-definition resolution quality, such as content-creators, designers, photographers, video editors, and gaming and entertainment enthusiasts.