Dell has moved to quash rumours that it is planning to open a chain of "high-quality" retail stores in the UK.

The move if it had been true, would have shifted the company's focus from its traditional direct-sales business model in the UK and "emulate Apple" with a high street presence.

Dell, seeing our news story, has been in touch and issued us with an official statement regarding these rumours:

"Dell has a retail presence in many countries, amongst them the US, UK and China, where Dell has successfully partnered with many leading retail outlets across the globe such as Wal-Mart in the US, CarPhone Warehouse in the UK, Bic Camera in Japan and most recently Gome in China. We have not announced another retail partnership in EMEA."

Although the statement mentions a "retail partnership", while we were reporting on standalone, own-branded shops, this appears to be a denial of any imminent retail expansion plans in the UK.