It's being reported that Dell is planning to open a chain of "high-quality" retail stores in the UK.

Apparently part of a plan to revive sales and win back share from major rival Hewlett-Packard who's market share is growing while Dell has experienced a 6.9% decline, the UK shops are due to open in 2008.

The rumoured scheme sees Dell develop further from its traditional direct-sales business model and "emulate Apple" with a high street presence.

Dell started selling computers in American retailer Wal-Mart earlier this year, abadoning the 23-year built to order direct-sales only history in the States.

Recent developments have seen the company go retail in Japan, via Bic Camera, agree a Chinese retail deal and open a Dell only shop in Moscow.

Kevin Rollins, the previous Dell CEO, had hinted that these UK shops were on the cards. "We could possibly try a number of markets, particularly where we have a fairly large consumer base, and the UK is on of those."