Alienware has added two new storage options to its line up of laptops that puts the demand for more hard drive space at the top of the list.

The two new options will give users up to a whopping 640GB of storage space on the go. The flagship model will be the 17-inch Area-51 m9750 that will offer customers a single and dual 320GB hard drive configuration.

Those only needing a still massive 320GB of storage space can opt for the 15.4-inch Area-51 m5550 notebook instead.

The Area-51 m9750 is the industry's first mobile system to provide up to 640GB of hard drive space, and the first to offer the combination of a 320GB hard drive and a 64GB solid state drive.

The colossal amount means gamers will be able to store up to 107 games (6GB per game), up to 160 movies (4GB per movie), or up to 163,000 songs or audio files (4MB per song), making it possible to listen to continuous, non-repeating music for an incredible 679 days straight according to Alienware.

The Area-51 m9750 640GB will be available from £1424.10 and the Area-51 m5550 320GB from £1075.12.