After confirming they were going to be offer Linux-based products in the UK, Dell has announced that it is now starting to sell models pre-installed with Ubuntu 7.04 in the UK.

Dell will offer just one laptop and one desktop line with Ubuntu, which is a consumer-friendly version of the Linux operating system.

Ubuntu offers office-friendly features including a word processor, spreadsheets and presentation applications, as well as e-mail, calendar, chat, web browsing and photo capabilities.

"Dell is continuing to deliver on our commitment to give customers what they're asking for - the option of choosing Linux as their operating system", said Charlie Tebbs of Dell EMEA.

"As we hear from customers throughout Europe and around the world, we will continue to explore the opportunities to expand our offerings globally, so stay tuned."

The systems on offer will be the the Inspiron 6400n laptop and the Inspiron 530n desktop.

The cost savings made by not stumping up for Microsoft licenses means the systems are on sale for less than Windows versions would be.

The prices are confirmed as from £329 for the desktop and from £399 for the laptop, which includes delivery and VAT and will be available as of the 8th.