Dell’s strategy to reach more customers globally through both "direct and indirect distribution channels" has resulted in a retail partnership with Bic Camera Inc. of Japan, Dell has announced.

Dell will sell a variety of systems through Bic Camera, in a deal that mirrors their recent move into retail in the States with Wal-Mart, which broke a 23-year model of direct sales.

Dell has had a retail presence in Bic Camera shops in Japan since 2000 with kiosks where customers could order Dell systems for delivery, but this announcement signals a move into retail proper.

The expansion into "traditional" retail sales will be seen at 22 Bic Camera stores throughout Japan beginning in early August.

Dell recently teamed up with AOL and Carphone Warehouse in the UK to offer a free Dell laptop in return for 2-year broadband sign up, prompting speculation that they would soon enter the high street market over here.