Dell has launched a series of long-term environmental initiatives in a bid to become planet Earth's greenest technology company.

Their "Zero Carbon" initiative will look at maximising the energy efficiency of Dell products and over time will offset their carbon impact.

Their initial goal for this scheme is to reduce the "carbon intensity of its global operations" by 15% by 2012 and as part of this, Dell has extended its "Plant a Tree for Me" program into Europe, which means computer users can offset the emissions associated with the electricity their computers use.

For £1 per notebook or £3 per desktop, customers can offset the emissions from their product's electricity usage. Options to Offset servers, printers and monitors are also available on the site.

One hundred per cent of those funds will be donated to plant trees in professionally managed reforestation projects. The trees absorb the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere for the average computer's 3 year life-span.

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