Dell has announced that it is to start selling its computers through Supermarket giant Wal-Mart in America breaking a 23-year model of direct sales.

The move also opens up the possibility that the computer seller could be about to offer its desktop and laptop computers in the UK through Wal-Mart owned supermarket Asda.

“With Michael Dell in the UK next week, I wouldn’t be surprised if a UK deal as confirmed”, an industry insider told Pocket-lint.

Dell is calling the move the "first step" into the retail market, and according to online reports will be available in about 3500 Wal-Mart and Sam's Club stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Dell and Wal-Mart declined to provide details on how the packages will be equipped, but it is expected that it will be bundled packages of Dell's Dimension multimedia desktop computer.

Analysts believe a series of poor results have forced the hand of the computer seller to move into selling its computers in retail rather than direct over the phone or internet.