After months of speculation and rumour, Dell has finally confirmed the hardware it will now offer with the open-source Linux operating system, Ubunto 7.04, pre-installed.

Ubunto 7.04 is seen as a more consumer-friendly face of Linux and can carry popular consumer software including email, office and media player programmes.

There will be two desktops, the XPS 410n and a Dimension E520n and the Inspiron E1505n notebook.

Hardware will be from Dell, and users will obviously be free to customise the software setup as they chose.

To help users, Dell have set up an area of the Dell Community Forum for help, advice and updates - it can be found via the link below.

The E1505n and the Dimension E520 will be from $599, while the XPS 410n will be from $849, considerably cheaper than the same models with Microsoft's OS installed as there are obviously no licensing costs with Linux.

On the Direct2Dell blog, Lionel Menchaca, Dell's digital media manager says:

"Thanks for giving us a chance to show what Dell 2.0 is about. While this is a milestone that a lot of us will remember, it’s just the beginning — plenty more to come."