There used to be a time when just 1MB was enough storage. Dell doesn't think that's the case anymore however and announced that it will be shipping the first computer system complete with 1Terabyte of storage space.

The system which will be aimed at those looking to store large amounts of video and photos would, based on the average iPod capacity be able to store over 250,000 MP3 tracks (that's an eighth of the iTunes music store) and over 1250 hours of video.

Dell vice president, Neil Hand, said: "This type of capability used to be available only to the largest corporations. With the spectacular advancement in hard drives and the engineering in our systems, we're now able to bring it to consumers".

The first Dell PCs to use the drives will be its own Alienware-branded gaming PCs. XPS systems will then follow suit.

Dell's 1TB drive is priced at $540 (£300).