At an exclusive press conference held at the chilly shores of Marbella, Dell launched its first technical support service, Presto.

Presto is available now in the UK, France, and Germany, but not in the US, Dell's homeland.

The service offers Dell customers support that goes beyond phone tech support, and offers OnCall as well as OnSite, where a technicians comes to your aid in your home.

It doesn't just offer help for “I think my hard drive is failing”, or “Windows keeps crashing”, but also for setting up a home network, connecting and installing printers, and general technical queries that apply to your entire computer ecosystem.

This does come at a price; £19 buys you advice for a small query that can be solved in a short amount of time, while £39 gets you extended phone help. Or, if you're not the most technically-minded of people, you can opt for a £79 subscription when you buy your Dell product, or £99 at any time.

So does this service only apply to those with Dell computers? Interesting, it does not. The technical support extends to setting up printers, or networking, for example, a non-Dell laptop to a Dell PC. But, for example, they won't help you connect your HP notebook to your HP printer or camera, however.

There is also the option of having a Presto technician pay a home visit to sort everything out in one fell swoop, for which there is a one-off call charge, but whether it takes an hour or 5 to sort everything else, it costs the same – £79.