Dell is being taken to court in Canada where a customer is claiming that Dell has been selling defective notebooks that overheat.

The lawsuit names the 1100, 10050, 5100, 5150, and 5160 Inspiron notebooks as suspect, and says that the overheating problems and possible motherboard failure often happens just after the 1 year warranty expires.

Even more damningly, the plaintiff claims that Dell sold the laptops even though it knew about the possible problems.

The papers are being reviewed by the Ontario Superior Court, which will decide if it should be upgraded to a class-action lawsuit.

The plaintiffs want Dell to either replace the fault notebooks, or pay for their repairs.

The same models named in the Canadian lawsuit have also been the subject of litigation in the US, where Dell has settled one suit, and has another four pending.

Dell doesn't comment on the lawsuits, as it's against company policy to do so.