Alienware and Dell have both adopted the latest Intel processors in their highest-spec notebook computers.

Gaming notebook specialist Alienware is equipping the 17-inch Area-51, the 15.4-inch Area 51 m5550, and the 14.1-inch Sentia m3450 with Intel Core 2 Duo processors, which are said to double performance and ensure long battery life, as they use less power than Pentium M.

Dell has made the leap to Core 2 Duo by unleashing the processor across a range of notebooks, including all XPS mobile systems, Precision notebooks, and some Inspiron and Latitude notebooks.

In a statement, the computer company says that the processors ensure gamers can play the most powerful games, while business users will find managing data quick and efficient.

The first to receive the processors are the XPS notebooks, starting at $1200, the Inspiron E1705, starting at $1124, and two Precision notebooks, starting at $1,849. Later in the week, the Inspiron E1505 and E1405 will be added, with three Latitudes joining the line up next week.