Dell might be rumoured to be experiencing troubles in making enough LCD televisions to meet demand, but that hasn't stopped the company launching two new LCD flat panel monitors today.

The Dell UltraSharp 17-inch 1707FP and 19-inch 1907FP both will be available to customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa and promise to offer the latest flat panel technology for £243.23 for the 1707FP and £360.73 for the 1907FP

The new models offer improved panel specifications with fast response times and less smearing and ghosting than traditional flat panel displays.

High contrast ratios result in improved colour clarity and uniformity, and viewing angles of up to 130 degrees (vertical) / 140 degrees (horizontal), together with an ergonomic (swivel, tilt and height adjustable) stand, add to the user's viewing comfort.

In addition, both screens will offer a contrast ratio of 500:1, 1280x1024 resolution, analogue, DVI-D (Digital Video Interface) connectors and 4 x USB 2.0 high speed ports.