Dell has launched a new laptop that has been geared specifically for the mobile gamer in mind. The Inspiron XPS features the new Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition chip that comes with an extra 2Mb of cache memory as well as an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700, 15.4 inch display, 512mb to 2Gb of 400MHz DDR SDRAM, a 7200rpm 60Gb or 5400rpm 80Gb hard drive and a DVD+RW,+R drive.

To fit in with the ever increasing demands of new graphics cards, the card is upgradeable however this will be done via a Dell engineer visiting your home when the new part becomes available.

Ideal for LAN parties - no more lugging around of that large machine and screen - the XPS has a Gigabit Ethernet port and a 56kbps modem and Dell is offering a variety of bluetooth and Wi-Fi adaptors. The XPS contains four USB 2.0 ports, a 1394 connector, an S-Video output and a DVI port. There's a PC Card slot too. Prices according to spec will start at $2599 (£1400)