Dell UK is having a big summer sale and you can save hundreds of pounds on new PCs including various Inspiron laptops, the XPS 13 and the Inspiron all-in-one, too. 

Various models are discounted every day this week, with new models appearing each day - the deals are day-specific, so the below deals won't be around tomorrow. 

For £999 you can avail yourself of one of our favourite notebooks, the Dell XPS 13. That's a discount of £420 for a new-generation Core i7-toting thin-and-light laptop. There's the lovely 13.3-inch Infinity Edge Full HD display, 256GB of solid state storage and 8GB of memory. The only compromise is that the display isn't touch-enabled unlike most Windows 10 laptops these days. 

You can also get £220 off the G3 15-inch gaming laptop now starting at £799, for a powerful six-core Core i7 laptop that features a Full HD display and Nvidia GTX graphics plus dual drives - 128GB SSD for speed and a 1TB hard drive for capacity. Click on the links below for full specs. 

All of these laptops come with the 64-bit version of Windows 10 Home.  

Dell UK Friday deals