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(Pocket-lint) - A Venture Beat report from Evan Blass, the often reliable Twitter tipster, has laid out alleged plans for a Dell/Intel partnership to create a Windows 10 ecosystem of products.

Blass says the two companies started working on the project, known internally as Dell Stack, in mid-2014 and it focuses on a 6.4-inch mini-tablet that would be used to power desktop, laptop and tablet computing experiences.

The aim of the alleged project would be to combine all your devices into one, to save you moving data from one device to the next, or having to upload it to the cloud to then download to another device. Everything would always be on the one Stack tablet which would be moved from screen to screen.

The Dell Stack would make full use of Windows 10's Continuum feature, which lets a device running Windows 10 Mobile connect to a screen and deliver a simplified version of Windows 10. Windows 10 Mobile devices can't support a full version of Windows 10 because of hardware limitations, but they can support Universal Windows Platform apps (UWP).

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What makes the Stack different though is that it would be able to deliver a full Windows 10 desktop experience when docked because it would use an x86 CPU from Intel's Kaby Lake Y-series of processors. It would come in different memory and storage configurations, having either 4GB or 8GB RAM and 128GB or 256GB solid state storage as well as a microSD slot for expansion. And everything would be housed in a body no thicker than 9mm.

The Venture Beat report also mentions a second generation that would have a 6-inch screen and full phone and messaging functions, essentially a Windows 10 smartphone.

Nobody knows whether the project will come to fruition though. The first products were due to be launched in Spring 2017, but there's still been no official announcement from Dell.

It could be that Stack is a concept vision of Dell's, but the actual products released, if any will be a more diluted vision taking inspiration from these plans. Images leaked a couple of days ago alleging to be a Windows Surface phone. It could now be that it's the Dell Stack.

We're keen to follow for any updates because if Stack does happen, it could be a seriously powerful computing experience.

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