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(Pocket-lint) - During CES, Alienware has announced it will be working with Valve to create the first Alienware Steam Machine.

While details are scarce at this stage Dell subsidiary Alienware has said that it will be creating a gaming machine that remains small, like the X51, but doesn't compromise on power. It aims to feature the console in the living room, saying it will have "a sleek design which is both distinctively Alienware yet unobtrusive in a media cabinet".

As you can see from the image doing the rounds online, the unit looks great. It's 8 inches long and 3 inches high, according to The Verge. It will deliver full 1080p gaming to your big screen - something even next-gen consoles are only just introducing. With an Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU it should pack plenty of gaming grunt.

The Verge says: "With four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI input and output, Gigabit Ethernet and optical audio out, the machine doesn't have the connectivity of a giant desktop, but it has all the ones you'd need to route it into a home entertainment system."

The custom-built chassis will provide optimal thermal and acoustic management, says Alienware. Hopefully it will be quiet and cool enough to sit comfortably behind a screen or hidden in a closed cabinet without distracting gamers from the big-screen experience.

The Alienware X51 desktop will be available as a Steam Machine and the AlienWare Steam Machine will be a separate device. Both will be available in late 2014.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 7 January 2014.