Dell has just announced that it has completed all of its pre-merger regulatory clearances, meaning the deal to go private in 2014 is now done and official.

The clearances were for the consummation of the merger transaction in which Michael Dell, Dell’s chief executive officer and CEO, will acquire Dell. He'll acquire the company in partnership with Silver Lake Partners. The merger transaction, valued at $25 billion, will enable Dell to become a private entity by the company's fiscal Q3 2014.

Michael Dell will own 75 per cent of the entity, giving him complete control. He has said the deal will allow Dell to innovate in the PC, tablet and enterprise markets. More recently, he teased that consumers should expect "another significant wave of tablets" in the coming weeks.

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The CEO has also said he wants to reinvest in Dell, work more closely with enterprise customers, and remain competitive with pricing - which indicates there could indeed be plenty of exciting things down the road in terms of consumer products from Dell.

Today's news comes just one day ahead of the Dell's press event in New York, where the company will likely launch a new Android tablet, among other things.