Corning, the chaps who make your phone screen tougher than a tough thing trying to be tough, have released yet another tough product, this time for touch-enabled laptops.

Called Gorilla Glass NBT, Corning presumably seeing a rise in Windows 8 touch-enabled laptops is going after the next big market to save laptop owners scratching their screens.  

The company says that the new Gorilla Glass NBT provides "enhanced scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility, and better retained strength once a scratch occurs to help protect notebook displays from breakage that can occur with lower-performing soda-lime glass".

That's going to be handy for the bevy of users keen to use laptops that rotate, dismantle, or change from a standard laptop into a tablet. It's not just the stuff of pipe dreams either: Dell has already said it will be using the new glass in its laptops in the future.

"As a leader in touch-enabled computing, Dell is always seeking the finest materials to ensure our notebook screens are impact and scratch resistant," said Sam Burd, vice-president, PC Product Group, Dell. "We're integrating Corning Gorilla Glass NBT into our new client devices launching this fall, further enhancing our industry leading product reliability and durability."

Corning says we can expect to see the technology in Dell laptops and others in the coming months.