(Pocket-lint) - Dell has officially unveiled three new additions to its Inspiron range and Pocket-lint has been able to get a little sneak peak at what's on offer. 

Citing students as its target audience, Dell has added the Inspiron 15R  and 17R laptops (not to be confused with last year's models with the same names), as well as the Dell Inspiron 14Z ultrabook, all of which will run on Windows 7 Home Premium, though they will be upgradeable to Windows 8. 


The numbers in the model names of course refer to the size of the respective displays in terms of inches. Both the 15R and 17R feature high-definition screens, Waves MaxxAudio 3 technology and a variety of different processors – we hope at least one of these options will be Ivy Bridge.

Dell has also said that both the 15R and 17R laptops will be available in special editions that will offer consumers the added bonus of Waves MaxxAudio 4 audio suite and Skullcandy speakers, AMD graphics for the 15R and NVIDIA for 17R. Both will also offer a 1920x1080 full HD display with a Blu-ray disc option and backlit keyboards, while the 17R version is also available with an optional full HD 3D display.


With regards to the Dell Inspiron 14Z ultrabooks processor credentials we can be a little more concrete, with Dell confirming that it will be packing a 1.4GHz Core i3 ULV processor, though this will eventually be upgradeable to Ivy Bridge.

The Dell Inspiron 14z display is 1366 x 768 resolution, sports a DVD drive, 32GB mSATA drive and a USB 3.0 port. There’s also the option for a Radeon HD 7570M graphics card.


Both the Inspiron 15R and 17R laptops are available with three different lid colours: red, turquoise and a silver finish. The Dell Inspiron 14Z ultrabook is also available in the red and silver options.


There’s no official word on UK pricing yet, but to give you an idea, the Dell Inspiron 14z will be available in the US for $699.99, the Inspiron 15R for $599.99 and the 17R for $599.99.

The Dell Inspiron 15R edition will set you back $899.99 while the Inspiron 17R special edition is $1,099.99 and $1,299.99 for the 3D version.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.