Dell CEO and founder Michael Dell has put his foot in it again confirming the name of the company’s latest laptop – the Dell XPS 15z - and undoing a teaser campaign by the marketing department.

The CEO tweeted:

@MichaelDell: Dell XPS 15z Coming soon!

After Dell PR issued a teaser video on YouTube.

The teaser video shows a number of isolated shots of the new laptop while telling viewers that although they’ve waited the wait is almost over.

“You pleaded for power, you insisted on intuitive, you thirsted for thin. Never expected it from a PC, now you can. Less mass more feel,” says the voice over.

while dell teases ceo confirms xps 15z image 2

Of course it’s not all the CEO’s fault, the video does reveal the new name around the 8 second mark – upside down of course for those really looking

We will bring you more details as soon as we get them.