Over the next 6 weeks, Dell will be unleashing a wrath of Sandy Bridge-powered laptops onto the market, as it looks to offer those, who want the latest speed enhancements from Intel, a way to spend their wages.

“Over the next six weeks, we’ll be expanding the number of systems that offer Intel’s latest technology, beginning next week,” says Lionel Menchaca over at the Direct2Dell blog. “Among the systems customers can expect: new Inspiron laptop options in the near term (next week) followed by a new ultra-slim notebook that will answer a few questions plus bring performance and style together in a big way.”

The news comes after the company confirmed that it was shipping more new Sandy Bridge systems with updated Cougar Point chipset hardware than just about anyone else, including the new XPS 15 and 17 laptops, 

The new ultra-slim consumer notebook will be revealed in April, and will no doubt look to replace the company’s Adamo range that was cancelled earlier in the year, after the company decided it would streamline its offering.

But that’s not all...

“We’ll also have a slew of Sandy Bridge options for business customers in the coming weeks as well, including several Latitude laptops, OptiPlex desktops and Precision workstation desktop and laptop options.”