Never wanting to be outdone by the chaps at Cupertino, Dell has chosen the day after the Back to the Mac event to announce its latest XPS laptops - in both 15 and 17-inch sizes.

The XPS laptops are designed for "individuals who are passionate about art, film, photos, and value an immersive entertainment experience. Their daily lives are multimedia experiences that they share with each other, whether it’s uploading photos, watching streaming video or listening to their favourite band play a concert on the other side of the world".

We think that's an over-elaborate way of saying that the laptops are multimedia based. The spec sheets certainly suggest that this is the case.

Sound is taken care of by the built-in JBL-designed and certified speakers with integrated Waves MaxxAudio 3 processing technology. The models both have 12W subwoofers and boast up to 22W peak audio performance.

Graphics are handled by 1GB to 3GB Nvidia GeForce with Optimus GPUs, and the machines are 3D-capable via Nvidia's 3DTV Play software. There will also be a choice of Intel's Core i range processors.

There's a Blu-ray option too so you can watch 3D movies (well, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, at least.)

The new XPS models are also the industry's first Skype-certified laptops with HD video streaming webcams.

Available today, direct from Dell, the XPS 15-inch starts at £529 and the 17-inch one £100 more than that. You can customise your XPS using Dell's Design Studio.