The trouble with a tablet is that when it comes to typing, well you're left with an on-screen option, which just isn't going to be as fast as the QWERTY keyboard offering that you know and love.

Dell's latest concept, shown off at Intel's Developer Forum aims to solve all that.

Called the Dell Duo, it is a 10-inch netbook with a swivel screen that allows it to switch from a tablet to a netbook with a swivel of the screen.

While the likes of HP and Toshiba have offered swivelling screen technology before, this design take a different approach rather like a rotating door rather on two side axis rather than from a central pivot on one side.

You simply swivel it around within its frame to make the transformation.

This hybrid powered by a dual-core Atom processor, and runs Windows 7 Premium.

No word on release date or how much it will cost.