Alienware doesn't mess around when it comes to its machines.

They are powerful pieces of kit, jam packed with high-end tech to give a seamless gaming experience. And this counts for portable gaming as well.

Recently, the Dell owned brand announced Intel Core updates for its M11x notebooks (which we gave a favourable review to back in March), and Pocket-lint managed to get its paws on the updated machine over in Cologne at Gamescom.

The Alienware M11xR2, that we got up close and personal with, looks and feels just like the original - it's on the inside where the changes take place.

Users now have the option to go with an i3, i5 or i7 Intel Core chip (with the top-end model being an i7 640UM) with the graphics dually handled by the tag team of a 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 335M and Intel graphics as well. The Nvidia chip only kicks into action for demanding tasks, saving the battery life in the process.

It's a sexy bit of kit and one that any PC games enthusiast, who wants to keep playing on the go, should consider.

The Alienware M11xR2 is out now and will cost you £899.