Dell has come out all guns a blazing in its latest campaign for the Studio line of notebooks - with its targets well and truly set in the direction of Cupertino.

"Apples to Apples" is a less than subtle dig at Apple, which highlights the savings that people could make if they decided to go with Dell's Studio 15 and 17 notebooks, rather than the latest 15- and 17-inch Macbooks.

It compares the models, which have a very similar spec and shows how you could make savings of $1249 if you opt for Dell.

Whilst it's no big news that PCs are coming in cheaper than Macs, and it's obvious Dell is using its lower-end models against the top-end Macbooks (there's no mention of CPU speed) - it will still be a pop that won't go unnoticed over at 1 Infinite Loop.

Expect Apple to respond in the next few days - probably through a sly comment from Mr Jobs himself.