If you are looking for a new laptop for all of the family to use, and you're particularly interested in sharing your photos and videos wirelessly then you may be interested in Dell's latest entry level laptops - the Inspiron 15R and the 17R.

If we were to tell you that one of these models comes with a 15-inch screen and one comes with a 17-inch one, then we think highly enough of you to assume that you'll be able to work out what's what.

As well as this choice of different sized HD displays, you've also got choice when it comes to your CPU (Intel Core i3 or i5), your GPU (up to 1GB ATI), your hard drive size (up to 640GB) and your RAM (up to 8GB DDR3). So basically, you've got a whole lot of choices to make.

“The Inspiron R takes the rock solid Inspiron line and amps up the cool factor with a sexy and practical machine for entertainment, and social networking along with all the usual home, school and work functions,” said Glen Robson, vice president, product marketing at  Dell.

“Photos, videos and personal files can also be securely stored and shared with DataSafeOnline for peace of mind right out of the box. This is a laptop that families will love".

The Inspiron R range is out on 24 June and will cost from £479. Get one direct from Dell. Only if you want to mind, don't let us tell you what to do. And don't let Glen Robson influence you either, with his smooth lines and his insouciant use of the word sexy.