The Alienware M11x is an absolute beast of a netbook. It runs all of the latest games without a hitch. That's because it is, according to a Dell boss-man at least, "the most powerful 11-inch notebook in the world". So the news that its processor is going to be ramped up from a Core 2 Duo to either an i3, i5 or an i7 will have notebook gamers positively salivating. Well, maybe salivating is a bit strong, but they'll definitely be bloomin' excited.

Pearce Clune, a Dell big cheese revealed the upgrade in a video that has shown up on the forums

It's already a notebook that Clune says is already "packed with power". Check out our review, where we pretty much agree with him. Equip this monster notebook with an i7 processor and it really will be taking notebook gaming to another level.