It seems that Dell is one leaky ship. Despite the leaks of the Lightning and Thunder, Smoke and Flash phones and Looking Glass tablet recently, yet more hardware has surfaced that hasn't been officially announced. This time it's a pair of netbooks - the Dell Sparta and Dell Athens.

Both of the Greek-themed netbooks will be running Android, but they differ in that the Sparta is described as a "netbook tablet", whereas the Athens is referred to as a "true netbook" and weighing less than 0.9kg. Both should feature an 11-inch 1024x768 display, ARM processor, and optional 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Sparta is due around August, and the Athens looks to be showing up in late September. There's also mentioned of an "LG Pro" tablet, which appears to have the same specs as the Streak tablet but with an HD screen and a digital TV tuner. Juicy kit all around - we're looking forward to hearing more.