Dell has released pricing details in the UK and the US for its new Alienware gaming laptop the Alienware M11x first announced at CES.

Although on the surface gamers are likely to cry "rip-off" Britain once again when they see the $799 price tag replaced with a £749 UK price, on further inspection Dell has actually changed the specs for the device for the European launch.

"The Dell US price doesn't include tax or shipping", a spokeswomen for the company was keen to point out to us when we asked.

In New Jersey for example, users will be expected to pay a further 6% on top of the $799 price point bringing the total price before shipping to around $835.

But that still doesn't account for the £200 price difference based on today's exchange rate.

Dell's answer there is to double the hard drive quota to 320GB rather than the 160GB shipping in the US as standard. Not £200 worth but as some would agree better than nothing at all.

You can order the US version and the UK version here from the Dell online stores and in the meantime read our Alienware M11x First Look review while you wait.