Dell has announced a cute'n'colourful small form factor PC, or full-featured nettop, or mini desktop (whichever you'd rather) the Inspiron Zino HD.

A Mac Mini rival from the world of Windows, if you will, the Zino HD offers space-saving measurements of 7.8-inches by 7.8-inches by 3.4-inches.

It's personalisable with 10 optional interchangeable colours and designs and offers a range of AMD Athlon processors, ATI Mobility Radeon graphics, up to 1TB hard disk and up to 8GB RAM.

Features include four USB ports, a headphone connector, a four-in-one-memory card reader, Wi-Fi, VGA, eSATA and HDMI connectors - the latter of which in conjunction with the optional Blu-ray drive will turn the little device into a teeny HD home cinema kit.

Offered with Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Ubuntu Linux 9.04 Dell is offering three options from the get go - a basic £299 model (the cheapest Mac Mini is £499), a £531 effort that comes with a monitor and a £744 option with bells and whistles.