Creative has teamed up with First Person shooter gaming celebrity Johnathan Wendel once more to release the Fatal1ty Gaming Headset.

The new Fatal1ty Gaming Headset has according to the company been specifically designed for optimum performance and comfort that "enables gamers to avoid fatigue and stay focused on destroying the competition".

Creative say, the detachable noise-canceling microphone promises to clearly transmit your voice so your team can hear the difference between “get down!” and “go around!” in the midst of heavy battle.

Users will also be able to detach the mic and the Fatal1ty Gaming Headset can be used to listen to music or movies.

“Exceptional sound quality from a headset is critical for competing at the professional level”, said Wendel. “The Fatal1ty Gaming Headset enhances my arsenal by enabling me to capture every audio detail, so I can predict where my opponent will be and beat him to the shot.”

The headset uses large 40mm Neodymium drivers and should be available later in the year.