Creative today announced the Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse, a Teflon-coated gaming mouse co-developed for competitive PC gaming with professional gamer Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel.

"With the Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse, I hope to help gamers fulfil their dreams of competing at the professional level. But if they think they can beat me, they should know that I'll be using this mouse too", said Johnathan 'Fatal1ty' Wendel.

"I had a vision of a mouse designed specifically for gaming, with every feature I would need to compete at the highest level. The Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse, which I designed with Creative, realizes my vision and provides me the edge I need as a champion".

The specs on the device include a 2400cpi HD-Optix laser engine offers up to 6x the resolution of standard optical mice, and the 5.8-megapixel sensor report rate allows it to work flawlessly on virtually any surface and to track up to 15Gs of acceleration, to guarantee that even the shortest or widest hand and arm movements are tracked with the utmost precision.

The mouse also features a custom G-Weight modular weight system allows users to replace weight modules in a central chamber that is easily accessible from the top of the chassis, providing a superior center of balance for the mouse. Five weight modules are included with the mouse, ranging from Light Caliber for extra agility and endurance, to Heavy Caliber for extra precision and sniping.

If that wasn't enough then the Rapid-Res One-Click Hardware CPI resolution change button allows the user to instantly change between 400, 800 and 1600 CPI with the touch of a button, and includes a colour LED readout for instant visual representation of the current resolution.

The Creative Fatal1ty 2020 Mouse will be available in early-2006 for an estimated street price of $69.99

Creative will also release the Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse for casual gamers, featuring a 1600 CPI HD-Optix Engine in early-2006 for an estimated street price of US$49.99.

UK pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.