Creative has launched a new range of webcams aimed at satisfying the growing demand for video chatting via instant messaging services.

The WebCam Live! Pro is a USB2.0 model that features VGA resolution, a three way base for hanging over the top of a flat panel monitor, a separate microphone and software to allow motion detection, remote monitoring and Smart Face tracking.

The WebCam Live! Offers 640x480 resolution, comes with a separate mic and the same software. Although lacks the USB2.0 connection speeds.
The WebCam Instant only captures moving images at 352x288 and still images at 640x480. Like the WebCam Live! The webcam is connected via USB and comes with basic image and editing software.

The WebCam Live! Pro is available now for £59.99. The WebCam Live! is available now for £49.99 and the WebCam Instant will cost £29.99