Canon, along with a pile of cameras and camcorders, has also announced a printer. But not just any printer - a talking printer. The Selphy ES40 promises to offer you voice guidance throughout the printing process.

It'll give you instructions like "select a colour" and "select the area for printing" that Canon reckons makes it more accessible to kids and the elderly. It'll also inform the user when the ink's running low, or the paper needs replacing, rather than just blinking an obscure LED.

The ES40 has a 3.5-inch LCD screen, a scroll wheel, and big ol' buttons so that you won't get too confused when you're using it. If it starts commanding you to feed it your household pets, however, then we'd recommend switching it off at the wall and stepping away.

The ES40 can take 15 different kinds of flash card, and also has an optional bluetooth adaptor. It uses the company's "Easy Photo Pack" which combines paper and ink, like a polaroid does, but should last upto 100 years, says the company.

The printer will be available from the middle of September, and will cost £180.