Canon has announced that it will be competing against itself when if comes to portable compact printers this autumn.

In a move that confuses even the Canon staff that Pocket-lint spoke to, the company is launching two ranges of compact photo printer this autumn that will directly compete against each other.

Announced today, Canon has launched three Selphy models; the SELPHY ES1, SELPHY CP730 and SELPHY CP720, all of which are managed by the company's digital imaging department and two PIXMA printers, the PIXMA mini260 and mini220 which have been developed by the company's printing arm.

But while the printers offer different routes to printing pictures, albeit within a compact package that is both portable and aimed at the same market, we were told by Canon employees that both produce the same output and that neither was better than the other.

When we asked Canon why the two departments had created competing models no one seemed to have an answer, as if it wasn't until launch that the company had realised that they were about to release competing models.

The flagship model, the PIXMA mini260, features a 2.5-inch TFT screen and Canon's new easy-scroll wheel, which it says makes "it easier than ever before to get the most out of your printer, leaving you free to explore its creative possibilities".

The mini220 will however only feature a 2.5-inch LCD display. Both will come with the option to be powered by a rechargeable battery for printing on the move.

Other features include a retractable handle, and prints within 59 seconds for a 10x15cm (4 x 6”) photo from the mini260.

The PIXMA mini260 and PIXMA mini220 will be available from October priced at £119.00 and £79.00 respectively.

Compare this to the company's Selphy offering also launched today and the three new models feature the same 2.5-inch colour LCD, the same optional Bluetooth support and add-on battery.

In fact, side by side, the printers offer a similar package with both creating 6x4 inch prints and both boasting fast printing speeds and great portability.

The only difference we can see is that the Selphy offers an all in one paper and printer cartridge package for ease of use.

So which should you choose? Well the truth of the answer is that neither we or Canon seem to have the answer for the time being.

However, what we can say is that the Selphy seems to come with a price tag of £70 more than the PIXMA.