Belkin has launched a new range of mice that it says "places your hand in the optimum position for working in comfort".

The Wireless Comfort Mouse and the Bluetooth Comfort Mouse are said to be "shaped in a design that conforms to your hand, for ultimate comfort wherever you use your laptop".

Mac-compatible, the Wireless Comfort Mouse has a USB dongle that doubles as a "perch" to hold your mouse when moving your laptop and an "all-terrain optical engine" to mouse on most surfaces.

Battery-powered, it comes with a power-save mode that sends the mouse to sleep after 8 minutes of inactivity, it will be available in midnight blue, pitch black, fuchsia and candy red for $29.99.

The Bluetooth Comfort Mouse is also Mac-compatible, has vertical and horizontal scrolling abilities via the scroll wheel, a laser optical sensor and will be available black and white for $49.99.

A cheaper option is the Retractable Comfort Mouse with the same ergonomics but, as the name would suggest, a retractable cable that will cost $19.99.

The new mice are on sale in the US and will be available in Europe in late July.