Belkin has revealed a new range of innovative USB hubs.

The Swivel Hub ($29.99, pictured) rotates 180 degrees left, right, up, and down to provide easy port access for plugging in your devices.

It adds four hi-speed USB2 ports to your set up. The swivel design allows angle-up positioning for easy-access or top-loading.

The Clip-On Hub ($29.99) also adds four hi-speed USB2 ports and attaches to the edge of your desk or grips to a bundle of cords to keep your desk clutter-free.

The Hub-To-Go ($49.99) gives you seven hi-speed USB2 ports and connects stationery items like your printer and hard drive to the base.

Its detachable four-port Hub is ideal for connecting a mouse, MP3 player, and flash drives.

Then, it can work like a travel hub as it quickly detaches it from its base so you can take it the road with you.

The Hub-To-Go's base can also be used to store flash drives, paper clips, notepads or Maltesers (maybe?) in the storage tray.

European availability and pricing to be confirmed.