As Belkin points out, Surge Protectors are an essential piece of equipment in and not the first product people think of when you talk about design and style.

However the Belkin boffins are hoping all that will change with the launch of the new Compact Surge Protector.

Designed to have a small foot print and modern, sleek look the new Compact Surge Protector can accommodate up to six sockets spaced far enough apart that the unit can be filled to capacity even with over sized power blocks.

The unique design means that all sockets are easily accessible whilst the unit remains as compact as possible.

Against a baseboard, mounted on a wall or on the floor behind a desk, couch or bed the Compact Surge Protector takes up minimal space and the solid, simple design reduces clutter and maintains a modern yet inconspicuous

The unit comes with available Phone/Fax/Modem and Coaxial protection and a single indicator lights clearly shows that the unit is powered on and protecting your equipment.

Belkin offers a Lifetime Warranty and a Connected Equipment Warranty of up to £100,000 on this product that will insure your connected equipment against damage from electrical imbalances.

£24.99, available now – the Belkin part number is BZ106200uk2M.