The USB answered our problems to CDs and floppy discs, and Belkin has now found the solution to the multitude of USB-controlled devices to plug into the PC.

Belkin's answer to crawling behind the back of a desk-top or rummaging through wires to find the exact USB are In-Desk Hubs that slip into grommet holes on your desk. Available in a range of forms from four port, choice of 2 or 3-inches and also comes as an iPod dock to charge and sync your iPod.

The Belkin In-Desk Hubs measure up neatly with a mounting ring that will keep it secure in your grommet hole. While the In-Desk Dock for iPod includes a stereo-out jack that lets you listen to your music through your stereo, powered speakers, or headphones.

The Hubs will be available in the UK from May 2007, they are currently available for $39.99.

We'll keep you posted on UK prices.