Asus' interesting-looking Eee Keyboard has been cracked open by French site, and they've shot a video of the innards, as well as showing off the backlighting and the OS (Windows XP).

The site says that there's 1GB of RAM, and a 1,880mAh battery that should keep the KEeeboard juiced up for an hour and a half before it needs plugging in again. The 4cm fan apparently spins "sans émettre le moindre bruit", i.e. pretty damn quietly.

Also, the implementation of the little iPhone-style touchscreen on the right seems pretty cool. It looks like Asus has really put a lot of effort into making it simplistic and easy to use.

As previously reported, the Eee Keyboard should be showing up in Britain sometime in August. We're looking forward to getting hands-on and giving it a full review.