Unveiled at CES this year and again detailed at CeBIT in more recent times, we got our hands on the Asus Eee PC T91 netbook tablet at its first showing in the UK.

Taking notes from their Eee Top model, the T91 is a tablet running XP, but at the press of a button in the bezel of the 8.9-inch screen, you can launch into Widget or Touch modes, based on a Linux system. You can swipe between the different modes, enhancing the touch interaction, or just using it as a conventional netbook.

Besides the 3Doorway as it's called, this is pretty much your typical netbook, but to keep the size and weight down, it will come with a 32GB SSD. In terms of connectivity, you’ll get Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but 3G, GPS and TV tuner options are also being talked about. It also comes with a stylus, tucked in the front.

Sadly details are still a little sketchy, but we are expecting to see it surface in May in the UK and cost somewhere in the region of £500. The big brother, the T101H should follow later in the year, giving all the above, but with a 10-inch screen.

Until we have the final details, enjoy the photos.