Asus has unveiled new products at CeBIT, ranging from a Lamborghini-themed laptop to "no-frills" options.

The Asus-Lamborghini VX5 sports a "futuristic" chassis, with a design inspired by the Reventon. The VX5 gets what is currently the world's biggest solid state drive at a whopping 1TB.

The high-end laptop offers an Intel Core 2 Quad processor, 4GB memory, a 16-inch high def display, Blu-ray drive, NVIDIA GeForce GT 130M graphics and crucial for those high-end machines - a light up keyboard.

The new Asus K series boasts 5 hours battery life, Altec Lansing speakers and a 16:9 LCD display. It also offers a design "with strategically placed heat vents" for a particularly low palm rest temperature, if that's always been an issue for you.

The N series get a "non-conductive vacuum metallization" film makeover with the N81, N51, N60 and the N70 series of notebooks all covered by the stuff.

Asus says it protects the notebook and "helps avoid the interference of radio frequency (RF) signals such as Wi-Fi", although we'd have thought that was not particularly helpful in a laptop design.

Finally, the Asus M90Gf is a notebook for those that want high definition on the move. It boasts an NVIDIA MCP79MH chipset and the world's largest memory of up to 16GB for some serious multi-tasking action.

In addition, Asus is showcasing its "dual panel concept notebook" at CeBIT that appears to be an evolution of the "sharing" concept we saw at CES.