Asus have never been scared to experiment and in the past we’ve seen various models using different materials including leather.

Their latest incarnation is the U6 series of bamboo notebooks, which Asus claim are their greenest ever, from components through to the covering material, which in this case is bamboo.

Asus says bamboo has an immense tensile strength that rivals that of many metal alloys, so the Bamboo Series notebooks are "highly resilient".

Full details weren’t available, but we grabbed some shots of the new "eco" PC, on show at Stuff Live.

This model features an Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2.4GHz processor and is estimated to retail for £1349 and should be available mid-November.

The company plans to launch two versions, a 12.1-inch model that weighs 1.57kg and an 11.1-inch model that weighs 1.25kg.

We’ll bring you full details when we have them.